Month: October 2020

Solar Panels And Climate Change

How are solar panels and climate change linked?

Well, for one, solar panels are a fantastic way to combat and reduce the effects of climate change!

As humans progress with greater technology, we tend to ignore what is powering most of it; Fossil fuels. These fuels are a non-renewable way of providing power to the human civilisation. However, while they are efficient, they emit harmful ‘greenhouse gasses’ when burned.

What Are Casement Double Glazing Windows?

One type of double glazing window that has always been prevalent in the UK is casement windows.

Amongst all the other types of double glazing windows, these shine through as a stylistic and functionality leader. It is important, as with any home improvements, to ensure that your new window installation is done correctly. This means that you need somebody with certification, such as a FENSA certified installer.