Canopies | Porches

Give everybody a grand entrance with a door canopy. We believe it’s a great way to add classic style to your home. They look stunning for years and instantly add class to any property.

House Glass Canopy

We offer three main styles of canopy, these are Georgian, Victorian and bow canopies. None of these styles warp whatsoever in hot weather, nor do they shatter when the temperature plummets.

Georgian canopies reflect the aesthetics of late 18th and early 19th century properties. An easy to fit option, this style works especially well when the front of the house has sliding sash windows. In a woodgrain finish Georgian canopies are particularly stunning, having a certain ‘Downton Abbey’ look about them.

Victorian canopies encapsulate the golden age of British history with their apexed design and smooth moulded structure. You’ll certainly add some royal class with one of these canopies, they give off the image of an opulent Kensington townhouse. Despite such an impressive look, Victorian canopies are easy to fit.

Concrete Canopy

Bow canopies will add a touch of grandeur to your bow bay windows. These canopies are made from super strong GRP, making them resistant to extremes of temperature. They are then moulded to have with a durable rigid skin. The resulting cavity can then be insulated.

You may opt for a porch for the front of your property. Porches serve many uses. Primarily, they are great for keeping heat in. You open the outer door, step in, close it behind you, then open the inner door. Great for the winter. Some homeowners who regularly get muddy find porches a great way to keep the filth out of their house.

Owners of particularly free spirited pets swear by them as a means of keeping their animals from running away. Most importantly, however, they look superb. A fabulous way to make the most of the front of your property, porches are an incredibly worthwhile investment.

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