What Are Casement Double Glazing Windows?

One type of double glazing window that has always been prevalent in the UK is casement windows.

Amongst all the other types of double glazing windows, these shine through as a stylistic and functionality leader. It is important, as with any home improvements, to ensure that your new window installation is done correctly. This means that you need somebody with certification, such as a FENSA certified installer.

The popularity of casement windows dates back to the eighteenth century. However, they have been found in Tudor, Georgian, and Edwardian buildings.

Casement Double Glazing windows representation
Casement windows – representation

This type of double glazing window is commonly hinged along the side, and open by swinging outwards. This makes them easy to get to, allowing for ease of maintenance.

The Benefit Of Casement Double Glazing Windows

When it comes to impact on your home, casement windows can have a great positive effect.

Firstly, they can help to save you money on your energy bills! This is because less heat can escape through the double glazing, meaning that you have to use less energy to heat up your home. Furthermore, property experts have said that upgrading the external features of your home, such as casement windows, can increase your house’s value by up to 10%.

Double glazing is also great for the environment. Using less energy reduces your carbon footprint.

Casement windows look great, and can suit contemporary homes perfectly. They also fit well on older buildings and cottages. These traditional looking windows will be able to give you home a new piece of character and style. These windows are renowned for letting in large waves of natural light, and offer great views out of the window. Improve your curb appeal with new double glazing casement windows!

Another benefit to this type of window is that they are very secure. Not only are they hard to get into, they are also hard to fall from!


Overall, you can see that casement windows would be a great investment. Not only for the appearance of your home, but for the energy efficiency as well. Casement double glazing windows have many benefits, and would be a great investment.

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