Glazing Styles for Homeowners

When you decide to replace the windows in your home, there are some considerations you have to make, such as glazing styles.

You need to decide which frames to pick to ensure your home looks aesthetically pleasing, and also what types of glazing styles will best suit your property.

If you have a new-build property, you will have plenty of options open to you in terms of colour and textures to pick.

With older properties, it’s not so much an issue of it being difficult to find an appropriate style, but that your home may require a more specific look.

Frosted glass

Frosted Glass Window

There are some rooms in your home, namely the bathroom, that will require more privacy. Completely transparent glass is still an option for bathrooms, but you will have to use a curtain to shut off the outside world.

Frosted glass allows you to maintain some privacy and keep light flooding into the room.

Frosted glass is part of a bigger category called ‘obscured glass.’ This includes other styles, such as etched or coated.

A pretty frosted pattern might be a creative option for someone who is looking for more character, but be aware that a dark coating may look a little too business-like.

However, heat-reflective glass might be useful in something like a conservatory, or a room that gets a lot of light, particularly in the summer months.

Georgian bar

Georgian Bar Windows

If you have a property that could be described as ‘cottage-like’ or is perhaps from a by-gone era, then don’t panic: there are still styles of glazing out there for you.

If you want your double-glazed windows to feel at home with a more rustic and vintage structure, then these are probably your best bet (apart from sash windows).

The panes are broken up by a central bar and dividers to create the traditional Georgian appearance, but with all the modern features of double-glazing.

Insulated glass

Insulated Glass Windows

Insulated glass often refers to both double and triple glazing. If you are replacing the glass in your home, this should really only be the type of glass you should be considering.

It’s often filled with a layer of gas (usually argon or krypton) – one that’s dense and doesn’t conduct heat particularly well. The layers of glass serve a number of functions, which benefit the comfort, security, and kerb appeal of your home.

Both double and triple glazing help to keep your home pleasantly quiet, even if you live in a built-up area.

Both sound and cold air have more layers to travel through, helping to make your home a pleasant oasis that’s free from draughts and intrusive noises.

The glazing style that you pick for your home should provide a practical function as well as an aesthetic one.

It should provide you with privacy should you need it, as well as round the clock security and comfort.

New technology means that you won’t have to buy an old model of glazing to achieve a more retro appearance; you can easily have the best of both worlds.