Triple-Glazed Window Benefits

Triple Glazed Cross section

Many people will have seen televisions adverts promoting the benefits of triple-glazing over double-glazing and wonder what the real difference is. The Government recommend that you install Double Glazing to save costs on your heating bills.

After all, if your home was fitted with double-glazed windows a few decades ago, it’s possible to think that technology can’t have progressed much further since then, particularly when it comes to just windows.

However, triple-glazing does have plenty of benefits, some of which may make it more of a preferable option than double-glazing.

Does it work on the same principle? 

Triple-Glazed windows work on the same principle as double-glazed windows, but with an extra layer of insulation created by the third pane.

Each pane is sealed with a layer of gas in between, one that is a poor conductor of heat, such as argon.

This layer of gas is sealed in away from the elements, making it a surprisingly effective barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world.

Triple-glazing is even more effective at keeping the cold out as there’s an extra layer of insulation to protect your home from cold air and draughts. 

Why choose triple-glazing?

Double Glazed & Triple Glazed window cross sections

If you live in a balmier part of the world, such as the south coast of Britain, you might be just fine with double-glazed windows.

However, if you live in the northern-most regions, triple-glazing may be a better fit for your home. It’s very popular in Scandinavian countries for its extra-efficient ability to keep out the cold. 


In order to understand why Scandinavian countries rely so heavily on triple-glazing, it’s easier to take a look at the U-value. The U-value of an insulation product measures how effective it is at keeping the cold out.

However, unlike many gauges of efficiency, it’s not about how high the rating is, but how low it is instead.

For example, most modern double-glazed windows have a U-value of 1.6. Outside of colder parts of the world, this works just fine at keeping the cold out. However, triple-glazing has an impressive U-value of 0.8.

This is vital in a country where it snows heavily and the winters can be icy for long stretches of time. 

Sound insulation

As you might expect, triple-glazing is even more effective at keeping sound out than double-glazing.

The sound has to travel through so many more levels of material, and so when it finally reaches the inside of your home, it’s much more muted.

In some areas of the country (the countryside, for instance), this might not be necessary. But in a busy, bustling city, triple-glazing could be a pleasant relief for many. 

Triple-glazing might be the perfect option and investment for you if you are looking to keep sound and cold air well and truly out of your home, it’s also a good fit for conservatories.

In colder areas of the country, it could be a God-send to have a home that’s completely free of chilly breezes and noise pollution, and you will notice the effects almost immediately.